Developing a Mindset for Mathematics

Developing a Mindset for Mathematics

To develop interest in mathematics a proper mindset is required. As all branches of science use mathematics. We can’t ignore the value of mathematics in life. But mathematics is generally considered a tough subject. Following points should be kept in mind while dealing with mathematics.

1. Factual knowledge is not understanding.

Knowing that hammer can drive nails is not the same as the insight that any hard object  can drive a nail.

2. Keep an open mind.

Develop your intuition by allowing yourself to be a beginner again.

3. Be creative.

Look for strange relationships. Use diagrams. Use humor. Use analogies. Use mnemonics. Use anything that makes the ideas more vivid.

4. Realize you can learn.

We expect kids to learn algebra, trigonometry and calculus that are very difficult . They are capable of learning so much, if explained correctly.

5. Learning by doing.

To develop understanding and interest in mathematics we present a very simple idea of mathematics scrapbook. In this vacation encourage students to make a scrapbook based on mathematics. This will totally change the mindset of students towards mathematics. They will definitely start liking this subject. You can get some ideas from the link below.

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