Artificial ripening of fruits by Calcium Carbide. Very harmful for health.

The summer’s first mango ……
It was bitter at the core but looked very fair.  

Right !

 Then welcome to the dangerous world of chemicals.

The most common chemical for artificial ripening is a banned chemical calcium carbide.

Colourless when pure but greyish-white to black otherwise, with garlic like odour. It reacts with water to produce acetylene 

(carbide) gas that works as ethylene. 

Calcium carbide contains traces of arsenic and phosphorous hydride. 

Being cheap and easily available locally, calcium carbide is used indiscriminately and preferred over recommended practices of ripening fruits.

How To Tell

Fruits ripened with calcium carbide are 

1. Overly soft 

2. Tasteless 

3. with shorter shelf life.  

 4. fruit Is uniform In colour.

 5. Sour in the core.


Calcium carbkifr is a corrosive element with Cancer-causing properties.

Fruits ripened with calcium carbide causes stomach upset. It may affect the neurological system by reducing the amount oxygen in the blood. 

So please wait and consume only perfectly ripened fruits. 

Watch and share this video also-

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